about us

Doing good isn't enough. We believe that big change start small.
Each of those environmental acts add up. We want to make environmentalism and social impact as accessible as possible by offering small ways to make a big, collective, positive impact.

angurä founders

hello there - we are angurä!

Allow us to introduce ourselves – the heart and soul behind angurä. For eight beautiful years, we've journeyed together, nurturing a shared ambition that transcends time. Hailing from the embrace of nature, we are two dreamers who believe in the power of togetherness.

In a world where fashion often overshadows consciousness, angurä emerged from our unwavering love for both nature and humanity. Born of our creative spirits and guided by a deep empathy, we set out to create a brand that doesn't just adorn, but also advocates for change.

"Dress with purpose" is more than a tagline – it's a philosophy that resonates with our journey. Each piece you find at angurä is a statement to our commitment to sustainability and our unyielding drive to contribute positively to our planet.

Every purchase carries a dual significance. With every elegantly crafted item, you embrace sustainable style while also becoming part of a bigger story. 10% of our profits go towards causes that echo our values, resonating with your heart as you walk through life.

Our dream is to be etched not only in wardrobes but also in hearts.

angurä is not just a brand; it's a testament to shared dreams, to the wilderness that molded us, and to the love that binds us. Here's to a journey where fashion meets purpose, where unity transforms dreams into reality.

What we believe

angura mission

Our mission

We are commited to lasting social and environmental change. Every step ahead we take will support inumerous institutions.

We stand for ethical and responsible conduct in our suppliers.

We stronglly respect the rights of all individuals.

We care about you and about what you wear.

angura sustainability

Sustainability & fashion

We wanted to remove the preconceived idea that wearing sustainable clothing would mean giving up color, fashion and originality, and this is where creativity comes in. Our designs are unique, made with great care and thinking of each person who will use them daily, making a difference in their own way.

Investing in social impact, consciousness and creativity through our products is our purpose. We are creating a lifestyle that becomes the extension of your own personality.

Our garments certificates

Fair trade

One of the main focuses of angurä is the protection and improvement of human rights.

We make sure that our garments are made by people who are protected in their jobs, having safe and healthy working conditions.

Every single item you purchase on angurä is a part of a cycle that respects people and the environment.

We ensure that, from the production to the arrival at your home, our products had the smallest environmental footprint.

Sustainable Materials

The basis of our products is organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown within a rotation system that builds soil fertility, protects biodiversity. It does not use synthetic fertilizers nor toxic pesticides.

Each time you buy an organic cotton T-shirt instead of a conventional cotton one, you are reducing water consumption by 91% (around 397 litres of water).

We also use recycled materials combined with organic cotton for some of our garments, such as sweatshirts. For each organic sweatshirt you purchase on angurä, you are recycling 5 plastic bottles of 1.5L.


We don’t believe in gender, social class, age, or any other kind of barriers. Our garments can be used by whomever feels comfortable with them!

We want you to smile, to be happy and to believe that you are special in your own way, knowing that you can help change the world to a better place.

From humans to humans

We want to be, not only in your heart, but also to be present in your day to day, remembering that you are unique and that you make a difference.

This is a small piece of our history, an inspiring story that we want you to be a part of so that we can continue to improve the world, hand in hand.